Tracing lines for preschoolers 1

Today we will practice tracing straight and broken lines. It would seem that this is one of the simplest tasks. However, I know few people whose hand does not tremble when drawing straight lines. I have a problem with this myself, although I like to draw.

This exercise is dedicated to children starting their adventure with tracing lines. We can say that these are patterns for preschoolers. Large and clear lines are easier to follow for less skilled children. If your child has already mastered the basics of crayon or pencil grip, and is willing to work with tracing lines for kids, you can offer him today’s task. However, if your child has not mastered these skills yet, you can wait and offer other activities that will prepare them for learning to write.

Remember, it’s the will that counts! Not a perfect line, which is so difficult to get. We praise for the attempts, not necessarily for the result!

Large tracing lines worksheets

Kids approach graphomotor exercises in different ways. Some will be encouraged by an additional coloring page on the worksheet, others will be too distracted to focus on completing the task. Therefore, I propose two forms of this task. You can choose which one is more suitable for your kid.

Remember that in addition to patterns for children, you will find many alternatives to fine motor skills exercises, such as tracing pictures, coloring or even modeling with plasticine. Boys in particular may be interested in other forms of polishing their calligraphy skills.

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