DIY toy garage from paper rolls and cardboard – part 1

We start with news from the construction site. For our car fans we prepare something that will allow them to find a moment of madness in the long winter evenings, and will allow us to breathe a little. It will be a garage. Sizable toy made from recycled materials. Because, why not?

Toys recycled are cool because they are special. Really unique. They are not always even look like the original plans, and the more like another toy from the supermarket. Therefore, in spite of adversity, from time to time, we will create something out of recycled repertoire, inviting you to play with.

Our garage for cars is no joke. At least for us. The project is considerable and, I must admit, a little too time-consuming. One day, however, it will complete, and at this stage the children quiet (or rather wildly), can play in racing.

We started the project from the idea. We gathered all kinds of materials that can be useful to make the garage, and matching gathered elements together.

DIY garage from cardboard and paper rolls - eco recykled toys for kids made of cardboard

As shown in the attached photograph, it may be useful various boxes, rolls and cardboard.
DIY garage from cardboard and paper rolls - eco recykled toys for kids made of cardboard

Preliminary project garage

Craft materials suitable for making the garage for kids:

  • boxes and cases,
  • paper rolls from labels and foil stretch,
  • toilet paper rolls,
  • recycled newspapers and paper
  • furniture board from the rear wall (optional),
  • masking tape,
  • sharp knife,
  • paper articles ie. a pencil, ruler, setsquare, eraser, etc.,
  • PVA glue (white glue to the wood) and water for dilution,
  • scissors,
  • screws and drill (also optional).

Preliminary project garage was formed by depositing the collected materials in the creation resembling a garage. The whole turned out to be quite large, so as to facilitate maneuvering ready plaything decided to stabilize it on firmer ground. She got the furniture board type HDF, which are placed at the back of the furniture.


Page will soon be completed.

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