Tracing lines for preschoolers 3

Here is another batch of tracing lines worksheets for kids. A lot of straight lines in a large ruling. Perfect for younger children who are just starting graphomotor exercises.

Simple patterns, clear and large lines make it easier to trace the traces for younger children or people struggling with fine motor disorders. Therefore, I suggest treating these worksheets as an introduction to learning to write. Exercises that will help kids master the light handling of the pen, thanks to which your hand will not get tired.

I suggest using colored pencils or felt-tip pens to trace the lines. The thinner the writing instrument is, the more visible are the irregularities in the lines drawn by the child. And this can discourage children from continuing to work.

Large tracing lines worksheets

Drawing straight lines may seem simple and pleasant, but sometimes it seems to me much more difficult than drawing loops and bends. Therefore, remember to reward children for their willingness and perseverance in drawing along the trace, and not for the result of the exercise. Sometimes children are too self-critical, so they don’t want to do exercises that cause them problems. Let’s help them understand that it’s very difficult to get perfect tracing lines, and it’s the progress made with each exercise that counts.

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