Butterfly – picture tracing worksheets

Have you ever visited a butterfly garden? Amazing place. Full of life and colors. Although the butterflies living there feed on fruits rather than flower nectar. Wonderful nonetheless. We don’t see as many butterflies on a daily basis as we used to. If we want to show children their richness in a natural form, we must go to the butterfly garden.

While continuing to practice our children’s fine motor skills, I decided to focus on nature. Today’s worksheet includes a graphically simple butterfly, which you can also find in our coloring page. Daily activity and many art games allowed children to develop the skills needed to tracing lines. We can therefore focus on slightly more advanced exercises to prepare children for school.

Butterfly for tracing lines

We treat copying pictures as a stage preceding dtracing lines and learning to write letters. In spring and summer, our kids love watching all kinds of bugs. Including butterflies. I thought it would be worth using this interest by placing a symbolic butterfly on a worksheet for graphomotor exercises.

I recommend it to everyone interested in nature, or as a thematic work in the spring and summer period.

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