Subtraction to 50 – math crossword puzzles series 1 [2]

Following the trend, I am publishing here another version of a mathematical exercise for children, which is a math crossword puzzle with subtraction up to 50.

On this worksheet you will again find 20 simple, two-part math operations, and one more complex one. Such a small number makes it easier to start playing crosswords. Among them, you will find math activities with and without exceeding the tenth threshold. They are all arranged in the simplest arrangement, from left to right and top to bottom.

This series of tasks has been drawn on larger diagrams. Larger grids and font make work easier for younger children and children with visual impairments.

You can print this math crossword for kids by choosing one of two versions: using a color scheme to write down the last operation, and using simple symbols. The latter solution is more convenient when printing in black and white. Each of these versions of the math task is available as a printable PDF file with the task itself, or as a math crossword puzzle with answers.

Subtraction crossword puzzles with answers to 50

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