Ladybugs – picture tracing worksheets

Ladybugs appeared 😉 Here and there… these nice insects flew to our terrace 😉 Our native seven-spot ladybugs.

Sometimes you need to de-stress a bit. Drawing is perfect for this purpose. And from scribbling in a notebook, these simple ladybugs were created. Today I am posting them on the website in the form of graphomotor exercises for tracing lines, but they can also be used as a coloring book for kids.

However, I wonder which version of the ladybugs will be more practical to use. In color? Or maybe black and white? Please write. Further ideas could appear on the website in just one color version.

Tracing lines and coloring page with a seahorse

You can use our tracing lines exercise traditionally by giving your child colorful writing utensils for tracing and coloring the drawing, but not only that. After inserting the sheet of paper into a transparent document sleeve (preferably a slightly thicker one) or laminating it, the exercise can be performed many times. Just use dry-erase markers.

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