Folk flowers – picture tracing worksheets

Spring days this year have not been kind to us. It’s cold, we can’t go out due to the pandemic, so we really miss nature and warmth. So we will draw with the children. Today’s idea is graphomotor exercises with flowers in a light folklore stylization.

A little break from the typical study will do us all good. That’s why instead of ordinary tracing lines, we’ll play with tracing a thematic picture. Recently, folk patterns have gained popularity again, and when you get used to something, it can also inspire you to your own creativity.

Tracing picture worksheet

These types of graphomotor exercises can be used in several ways. Like almost all of our graphic worksheets. We start by tracing lines to get clearer outlines of the drawing. However, we don’t have to stop there. We can color the drawing and even use it to prepare a gift card. However, if you want to focus on writing exercises, you can use our folk flowers many times. You will need a solid sleeve for documents or lamination, and dry erase markers.

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