Smiling girl with long hair coloring page for kids

Today I am giving you another portrait to color. As before, it is a portrait of a smiling girl. But this time with long hair.

This is the second picture from the photo series, for which the model was an ordinary girl, in an ordinary T-shirt. This coloring page resembles a photo of a friend. A portrait of a girl smiling at us with joy.

Here I also gave up realistic lines in favor of a cartoon style. This way we can focus on facial expressions. On the emotions it can convey.

’It can’ is the key here. You can also use two versions of this coloring page for kids. The first version is a joyful figure of a girl. The second one allows you to show other emotions. Sadness, anger, and even indifference or eye rolling… Such a portrait can support conversations about difficult topics, in which feelings and emotions often play a huge role.

Girls coloring pages – joyful portraits

I can only invite you to use these coloring pages in your games with children or in your educational work. I hope you like this form as much as we do.

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