Precious heart with crown and diadem – coloring page for kids in doodle style

Treasures, gems, precious things… Everyone wants them, everyone misses them. Although they may be something completely different for everyone. For some it will be gadgets, for others it will be a fat bank account, for others it will be their beloved pets, and for still others it will be family and friends. There will be no existential arguments today. Today’s coloring page for kids falls into the most common understanding of the word treasure. We will color precious crowns and diadems, shiny and sparkling in the sun’s rays. Composing the symbol of love – hearts. And the whole thing in doodle style. Because I had such a whim.

Who, who… because I’m going home! Who would I like to offer my coloring page with crowns and diadems? I think it would be perfect for all little princesses and princely dreamers who love sparkling jewels and elegant decorations. I can also think of people who are interested in history, culture or art, because crowns and tiaras have a rich tradition and symbolic meaning. The shape of the heart that these treasures create makes it possible to use the drawing as a card for a loved one.

Coloring pages for kids – treasures, gems and jewelry

You have 2 versions available. A coloring page with black and gray outlines. I don’t always like black lines in drawings.

For those who like challenges and want to experiment with colors, the gray version can be a fascinating alternative. It allows for more subtle and varied effects, while maintaining elegance and precision of contours.

However, for younger children who are just learning to color accurately, a coloring book with black outlines may be a better choice. The contrast between the black lines and the light background makes it easier to distinguish different areas and can help develop fine motor skills.

After all, it is important that everyone has the opportunity to choose and adjust the coloring book to their preferences and skills. Whichever version you choose, I hope everyone will have fun coloring crowns and tiaras!

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