Simple heart – coloring page for kids

Valentine’s Day has already permanently entered the landscape of February decorations of cities, villages, and sometimes our homes. That’s how it is. Therefore, they become another excuse to come up with an interesting art activity for kids, even through the simplest coloring page with a heart.

The coloring page for kids, which you will find at the end of the post, was created as a cutout template. Template inspired by artistic works in cardboard, but intended for playing with children. On the basis of this template, spatial Valentine’s decorations were created. In this artistic and technical work, the main role was played by the structure of corrugated cardboard, which is why our coloring book is poor in details. However, thanks to this, it has become a simple drawing for all the little ones.

Valentine's card for kids and adults - paper recycling and scrapbooking
Here we use a coloring page as a template to make a Valentine’s card from cardboard

You can judge for yourself whether it is worth using this idea to work with children. It requires a bit of precision, and therefore often the help of parents. However, not at every stage.
Instead, it shows the variety of materials that we can find in our surroundings, and thanks to which we can create something from nothing. Such recycling at home.

Valentine’s day coloring page for print

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