Bus – tracing lines and coloring

Today, it’s another edition of graphomotor exercises for automotive enthusiasts. There were hubcaps, today we have a bus. Maybe it will become a way to introduce tracing lines to boys and girls who are usually reluctant to do this type of exercise.

The exercise I propose to your children here has two parts. The first part concerns tracing the image, i.e. drawing along dotted and dashed lines. I always suggest using colored markers or crayons to tracing patterns, but in the case of pictures, it gives a more interesting effect. With the colors, the children create colored outlines for the bus.

After making colorful outlines, the picture is worth coloring. It is worth appreciating coloring pages as an exercise in preparation for learning to write. Although it is less precise than tracing, coloring also requires the child to hold the tools correctly, not too much or too little pressure on the page, and to focus their attention. Especially with small elements, like the lights on the bus.

In the coloring pages section you will find our city bus as a coloring book for children.

We invite you to practice together.

Bus for tracing lines

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