Doodle style frame – coloring pages for kids

Today’s frame is a typical doodle-style frame. An idea for a card, a diploma, or even a notebook cover.

I created this coloring frame based on organic patterns. Leaves, flower petals, various types of structures. The inside of the frame itself, where you can enter your own text or draw a drawing, is not very spacious. The main role here is played by the various leaves and organic patterns surrounding them.

This doodle style frame is perfect for those who like to experiment creatively with colors and patterns. Leaves and organic motifs give it a unique character that can be filled with various colors. It can be a colorful background for a special dedication, drawing, photo or important note. If you print the coloring page in a smaller size, it can become an element of the journal.

Coloring this frame is a great way to relax and develop your imagination. Children and adults alike can enjoy adding color to the leaf details and patterns, creating harmonious and pleasing compositions. Thanks to this frame, each project will gain an individual character.

Frames for cards and pictures as coloring pages

You can use this frame for many different purposes:

  • A card for a special occasion, in which you can write warm wishes
  • Diploma of appreciation for someone special
  • A cover for a notebook or journal that will stand out from others
  • Framing a photo that will gain a new, artistic frame

Print this coloring page, grab some crayons, felt-tip pens or markers, and fill every detail with beautiful colors. It’s a great way to spend time with your kids or take some time for yourself to relax while doing creative work. Enjoy creating your own unique works of art!

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