Winter snowman – printable coloring pages

Hey! I have prepared a new coloring page for you that will put you in the winter mood – a simple snowman in a top hat, with a carrot nose and coal buttons. This snowman, holding a broom in one paw, is ready for all winter adventures!

Imagine that this snowman has just left the snowman parade and is now waiting for your colorful ideas. Maybe his top hat will be elegant black, or maybe you’ll go crazy with colors and it will be rainbow? How about a carrot nose? Maybe add different shades of orange to make it look like the most delicious carrot in the world?

Winter snowman for coloring

Don’t forget the coal buttons – they may be black, but who says you can’t add a little sparkle to them? And the broom? It can look real, but it can also be magical, with stars and sparkling details. It all depends on your imagination!

While coloring this cheerful snowman, you can tell each other funny stories about winter adventures. Maybe this snowman met Santa Claus, or maybe he made friends with reindeer? Whatever you come up with, it’s sure to be great fun!

Print the coloring page, grab crayons, markers, paints and other materials, and start a colorful winter adventure. Let this snowman warm your hearts even on the coldest days! I wish you lots of fun and lots of laughter while coloring!

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