Winter mittens – tracing lines for kids in pictures

It’s cold outside, even if there is no snow. Warm clothes are a necessity and our everyday life. Recently, I got my hands on colorful children’s winter gloves. The ones with one finger. I thought it was a good topic for a graphomotor exercise, especially for preschoolers. Or maybe for younger grades in elementary school?

You can use the motif of winter gloves when playing with children at home, in kindergarten or school. They can be part of activities related to the change of seasons, or conversations about winter. This is a special time of year when we need to focus more on taking care of our health. And the constantly lost gloves really don’t help.

How many times have we had to look for gloves! Even when they were on a string!

The exercise I’m posting here today is to trace the lines inside the mitten and draw its outlines. The tracing lines do not always have to be placed in the ruling, and they don’t always have to be perfectly even. Despite being adapted to the shape of winter gloves, all these loops and waves will still work great for practice in preparation for learning to write.

Colorful winter mittens for tracing

The second part of the exercise is to color the created drawing. Here you can go crazy with the use of various materials, crayons, paints, or even cotton wool. I think that each of you has your favorite methods, but sometimes it’s worth doing something new and unusual. For example, fill mittens with pieces of fabric or yarn.

The third part of the task may be cutting out the glove. The basic pattern is large, so that even younger children can do this exercise.

You have a pair of large mittens with identical patterns at your disposal. Perhaps there will be a version with other lines? This will make working in a larger group more interesting? You can use a colored worksheets or gray. After all, we don’t always have the ability to print in color. Or the colors don’t suit you because they’re not your children’s favorite colors.

Winter mittens for tracing

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