Willow balls, wicker balls

This week started autumn, although the temperature during the day is not necessarily so indicate. Walking with my daughter resulted in an unexpected way some green branches of willow trees that give so many possibilities of arrangement. We have not worked with this material, but if it is, why not?

I had some ideas, but the branches too little, because only 5 or 6. It would be enough for one wreath of branches, or two smaller ornaments. I chose the second solution, which created a heart and a decorative ball from willow branch.

Willow decorative balls, wicker balls as DIY decoration

Willow ball

Craft supplies needed for willow balls

We collect materials needed for our do it yourself. We need fresh and more flexible branches of willow (optional wicker branches = willow without bark). You will also need pruning shears or scissors, so that will cut these branches. It may also be useful yarn, without which it will be difficult to start working.

Usually we avoid with kids destruction of nature for our 'selfish’;) needs. However who has seen willow knows, how big they are annual increases. Hence, one can easily afford to trim trees and use them for crafts.

With branches need to remove the leaves, the thinnest and fattest shoots, which can easily break. The easiest way is work only with the main rush, but I feel sorry for throwing away so much good;) I left almost all the side shoots. In the end, it’s not a basket, only braided ball. So what would be more tangles?

Willow decorative balls, wicker balls as DIY decoration

Scaffolding wheels for willow balls

We start playing in braiding willow

It is difficult to braid ball from the branches without pre-prepared scaffold. I know this from personal experience. For starters, we need two circles of similar diameter – larger circle assume on a smaller and we’re tying the perpendicular. The third circle stabilizes the grid and acts as the equator relative to the meridians.

Other branches tangled at random, trying to only hit the empty spaces.

Willow decorative balls, wicker balls as DIY decoration

DIY decorations – willow balls at Easter or Christmas, willow heart on Valentine’s Day or birthday gift

Ready decorative balls can be a distinct decoration or use as a base to prepare more elaborate Christmas decorations or seasonal. Bullets floral and handmade balls from branches are of great use.

Willow decorative balls, wicker balls as DIY decoration

Willow ball and painted stones

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