Tracing lines for preschoolers 6

As the leitmotif of today’s tracing lines for preschoolers, all kinds of loops are back. Smaller, larger, and even quite well-densified. Perfect for practicing letters like f, j, g, or y.

Like the whole series, today’s worksheet for preschoolers is prepared in a large ruling. The patterns are the right size, making them easier for younger children to make.

For a change, after quite heavy last loops, quite cute butterflies found a place on the worksheet. In the form of a picture pattern and a small coloring page.

Colorful patterns

As part of diversifying the exercise, you can offer children an additional element of fun. Let the children use the worksheet as a coloring page. And it’s not just about coloring the butterfly, but also all the loops, creating a colorful pattern.

Large tracing lines worksheets

Remember that in addition to patterns for children, you will find many alternatives to fine motor skills exercises, such as tracing pictures, coloring or even modeling with plasticine. Boys in particular may be interested in other forms of polishing their calligraphy skills.

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