Tracing lines for preschoolers 5

Today’s edition of tracing lines for preschoolers is fun of tracing waves and loops. These shapes relate thematically to the aquatic environment quite well, so I placed a small sea turtle coloring page on one version of the exercise.

Again, I placed the lines in a large ruling. The clear trace for drawing, and the large size of the elements are easier for younger kids to reproduce. But I don’t exclude the possibility of practicing with these tracing lines also for another group of people. People with fine motor problems. And they happen at any age.

Together with the printed exercise, I suggest giving children thicker writing tools, e.g. felt-tip pens or crayons. A thicker line masks minor imperfections in guiding the pen, which is why children like the effect of their work more.

Remember, willingness counts! Not a perfect line, which is so difficult to get. We praise for the attempts, not necessarily for the result!

Large tracing lines worksheets

In this case, I prepared two versions of this graphomotor exercise. The first version is pure lines, sometimes better for children with reduced concentration. The second version includes a little sea turtle coloring page that came to my mind while drawing these waves and loops. To choose from, to color, choose the version that best suits your child’s needs.

Remember that in addition to patterns for children, you will find many alternatives to fine motor skills exercises, such as tracing pictures, coloring or even modeling with plasticine. Boys in particular may be interested in other forms of polishing their calligraphy skills.

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