Symmetrical shapes – empty worksheet for easy symmetrical drawing v.1

We have been creating symmetrical drawings for kids for some time. This is not an easy exercise for a child in kindergarten or even first grade. This time, however, I am publishing a blank worksheet with boxes to create your own symmetrical drawings from easy shapes. It turns out that designing itself is also a lot of fun 馃槈

After playing with redrawing my shapes, our children said that they would love to create their own symmetrical drawings. For small children, large grids and clear borders of drawing fields make drawing easier, so I decided to use the already prepared worksheets again. As blank pages.

Design your own easy symmetrical drawing.

On these blank sheets, you can create symmetrical drawings for children, together with the children, or you can let them create their own creations.
Kids love to play design. Sometimes such fun activity can turn out to be much more effective than a ready-made diagram to redrawn, because the drawing will be created with a childhood passion.

Thanks to the empty fields, you can freely choose the types of symmetry axes or the degree of complexity of the drawing. You can choose a single axis of symmetry, or combine several of them in one frame. The drawings can be created using straight lines or more complex arcs. You can also add color to the drawings to make the final effect more attractive.

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