Symmetrical shapes – easy symmetrical drawing v.2

The previous exercise in drawing symmetrical shapes was about vertical axes of symmetry. Today we only use horizontal axes of symmetry. Although if you want to practice the vertical ones longer, the worksheet can be simply turned over.

In worksheet for kids prepared by me, you will find frames with different degrees of difficulty: the upper level – the easiest – contains only straight lines. At the middle level, I added the diagonals of the squares. The most difficult level is the lowest one, where the diagonals of the rectangles are also planned to be drawn. Each time the right frame is also a bit more difficult than the left.

In this way, our daughter is working through her problems with the axes of symmetry, so the worksheet can help other children too? 馃槈

Symmetry for kids – Draw the other half of the symmetrical shapes

A mirror may be useful for the exercise. If you and your child put them on the axis of symmetry, you can see the mirror image of the printed shape. This is what the finished drawing should look like.

I am sharing with you two versions of this symmetry worksheet to make it more interesting. In a larger group of children, you can successfully use both. When studying at home, you can use both worksheets for kids at different times.

Easy symmetrical drawing is another exercise whose task is to develop perceptiveness, concentration, and eye-hand coordination.

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