Symmetrical shapes – easy symmetrical drawing v.1

Today’s exercise is a simple introduction to symmetrical drawing. The worksheet contains simple figures, each with one line of symmetry.

I used a gradation of difficulty here – each subsequent frame is a bit more difficult than the previous one. The first row contains only straight lines. The following frames also contain diagonals of squares, and the last – diagonals of rectangles – the most difficult to draw.

A mirror can help with the task. After applying it to the axis of symmetry, the child can immediately see what the final drawing should look like, watching the mirror image of the printed shape.

Symmetry for kids – Draw the other half of the symmetrical shapes

Easy symmetrical drawing is another exercise whose task is to develop perceptiveness, concentration, and eye-hand coordination.

Today’s worksheets for kids contain only vertical axes of symmetry. Generally the easiest to recognize and understand.

You can use two versions of the worksheet. On one, children draw shapes on the right side of the axis of symmetry, on the other – on the left. Two versions can be helpful when working with right-handed and left-handed children.

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