Symmetrical shapes – creatures – easy symmetrical drawing

There has been a change of tactics. Kids are more likely to complete the worksheet the more bizarre the drawings are. Creatures or monsters fit perfectly into this theme. Today’s symmetrical drawing will fuel children’s imagination so that they are more likely to practice their perceptiveness 馃槈

A mirror can help with this task. After applying it to the axis of symmetry, the child can immediately see what the final drawing should look like, watching the mirror image of the printed image.

Symmetry for kids – Draw the other half of the symmetrical shapes

Creatures made of symmetrical shapes with one line of symmetry, easy symmetrical drawing, printable worksheets for kids
Symmetrical coloring page – cute creatures in crayon version

You can color the finished picture with your children. We like to play with color, so we also used the symmetrical worksheet for coloring. Next to it you can see my work, made with ordinary school crayons. This intensity of yellow is provided by Colorino pencils. For this drawing, I used a blank worksheet, but the children were already drawing on a piece of paper with the outlines of the creatures printed on them.

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