Storm – stormy weather – coloring pages for kids

The storm clouds have arrived! Let it happen!

An angry face and lightning from the sky. Sometimes we get this kind of weather. Stormy. Fortunately, not today.
Although storms can be terrifying, they are also a fascinating spectacle. Sometimes we watch with delight the spectacle of nature in the form of lightning. Although it must be admitted that I prefer to do it from a distance and from a safe place.

Our latest coloring page shows an angry cloud with lightning – a symbol of a storm. This menacing expression and lightning from the sky reflect the power of nature, which can surprise us with its strength and majesty. It can become an excellent topic for conversations with children about nature, safety and atmospheric phenomena.

To color this storm cloud, I suggest that children use dark shades of gray and navy blue, and the lightning could be in bright yellows and whites. This will not only convey the dramatic nature of the storm, but will also allow children to play creatively with colors. Maybe your children will decide to add rain, wind, or maybe even a brave bird flying through the stormy sky to the picture?

On the other hand, there is nothing stopping you from giving this cloud pastel shades. Imagine candy colors, like from the land of Cloud Cuckoo from the movie „The Lego Adventure” – pink, blue, purple and green colors. Such a cloud would look like from a fairy tale, introducing a bit of magic. Even angry, and shooting pink and gold lightning.

Weather coloring pages to print

Coloring such a cloud can be a great way to develop children’s imagination and manual skills. It is also an opportunity to learn about how storms are formed, how to behave during a storm and why lightning is so dangerous.

So print out this coloring page, grab your crayons and create amazing, stormy works of art with your kids.


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