Stocking and gingerbread man – Christmas chain for coloring

I have prepared a unique Christmas coloring page for you, which contains two Christmas elements – a gift stocking and a gingerbread man. Each of these elements has a front and back that you can color, then cut out and glue together. If you glue some string between them, you can create a beautiful Christmas chain.

The proposed drawings are two sides of figures for a Christmas chain. Colored and put together, they can become a beautiful window or door decoration for the holidays. While coloring, you and your children can talk about Christmas traditions, how you prepare for Christmas and what decorations you like the most. This is a perfect opportunity to introduce children to the magical Christmas spirit and build family memories.

Christmas chain for coloring

Print the coloring page, grab crayons, markers, paints and other materials, and have fun creating colorful and joyful Christmas decorations. Glued elements can become a beautiful addition to your Christmas decor, bringing warmth and joy to your home. I wish you lots of fun and wonderful, colorful decorations!

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