Retro car – tracing lines and coloring

This classic car appeared as a coloring book for children many years ago. Today I decided to refresh this drawing, making it a picture for tracing. Something for boys and girls who like playing with cars.

Dragons and cars in our house have always been unrivaled motifs, both when choosing fairy tales, coloring books, and on the occasion of various types of exercises and games. No wonder they appeared so often in our topics.

This time I decided to prepare a graphomotor exercise for children consisting in tracing the contours of a car and coloring in a coloring page created in this way. For the whole exercise, you can offer children homogeneous tools or mix media. For example, make the contours with felt-tip pens, and the color with crayons or paints. The more detailed the drawings are, the more I lean towards these three art supplies. Colored tissue paper or plasticine leaving for other occasions.

We invite you to play with the automotive theme.

Retro car for tracing lines

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