Rain – rainy weather – coloring pages for kids

Hi! Today I have another coloring page for you from our weather series – a rain cloud! That’s what came to my mind: a snotty, rainy cloud! I know, maybe not very pleasant, but very suggestive. There is nothing I can do about it. Instead of tears and sad rain songs, baby snot as another splash brings another snotty nose home. But rain also has a lot of charm! Such a rainy day is a perfect opportunity to play in wellies, jump in puddles and create colorful works of art.

The rain cloud coloring page can be completed in various ways. I suggest green-gray as the fill color for this sad coloring page. I don’t know why, but kids like this combination. Or maybe I know… But it’s just a suggestion! Maybe your children will choose blue raindrops and color the cloud in different shades of gray and blue? There are many possibilities.

Weather coloring pages to print

Coloring a cloud crying rain can be a great opportunity to talk about the weather, the water cycle in nature, and how rain is needed for plants and animals. It is also a moment to develop the creativity and imagination of children, who can add their own elements to the coloring sheet – umbrellas, puddles, and maybe even a rainbow that appears after the rain.

So print out this coloring page, grab your crayons and have fun together creating rainy masterpieces.

Have fun!

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