Mystery picture, pixel art 10×10 – beetle – decode the picture nr 14

In addition to the beetle in shades of pink and purple, I prepared the second version of the mystery picture with the green-blue beetle. We can meet many more such creatures in nature. At least the one closest to us. Soon we will be able to return to the routes of trips and walks, admiring the awakening nature. It will be the perfect time to use various nature worksheets for kids for educational games. For example, a graphic dictation with a beetle.

This our insect companion is an element of mystery picture for preschoolers and younger children. Its diagram was drawn on a large code board, with 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm fields. This size allows toddler to work comfortably with color. In this version, I used orderly code, in which I encode each pixel individually and in sequence, one by one.

Our beetle has one axis of symmetry, which is why you will also find it among the exercise related to symmetry. We’ll have fun drawing one half of the worm, either by redrawing the other half or by decoding it first.

Mystery picture – pixel art

Graphic dictation can be used in various ways:

  • coloring the picture according to the given code – children read the code on their own,
  • coloring the picture according to the given code by ear – someone is reading the code to the child,
  • pasting the image according to the given pattern,
  • redrawing the image from the original solution,
  • writing the code based on the printed pattern.

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