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Here you will find worksheets for kids related to learning to add and to consolidate the already acquired knowledge. The worksheets provided include simple exercises to show children adding to 10, as well as tasks to practice adding with large numbers. I will also try to include addition word problems in this section.

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As part of practicing addition skills, you can use traditional ideas for mental addition, but there will also be exercises for written addition, i.e. adding in column. And because we like to play with numbers as a family, there will also be math crosswords and rebuses.

Addition to 10

We start learning addition by working on the range up to 10. Below you will find worksheets that are helpful during learning and improving addition to 10. These are simple diagrams showing addition using symbols or axes, as well as checking exercises in the form of interesting rebuses, crosswords, pyramids, graphs or diagrams that can encourage children to learn math. If you want to practice speed counting with your children from time to time, you will also find here some worksheets with adding to 10 on time.

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Addition to 20

Addition in column

We can do addition in mind. However, there are times when it becomes too cumbersome. In such a situation, we reach for a calculator or addition in column. In mathematics lessons, we most often use the second solution and add in column. Thanks to this possibility, we can freely add many numbers during one operation.

When performing calculations in column, it is important to write the numbers properly so that the ones are under the ones, the tens are under the tens, and the hundreds are under the hundreds, etc. The addition in column on a piece of paper is carried out from right to left, adding first ones, then tens, then hundreds, etc. Regrouping numbers if necessary.

However, writing the numbers in a column, not in a line, can also be facilitated by mental addition, from left to right, i.e. from the largest values to the smallest. For example, first hundreds, then tens, finally ones.

Learning addition for kids

Addition is one of the basic arithmetic operations. This is where we start learning.

The added elements are called the components of the addition, and the result of the operation is called sum.

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