Little owl – picture tracing worksheets

Today there is another worksheet for graphomotor exercises. This is a worksheet intended for younger children because the pieces are not complicated.

Tracing motifs such as animals appeals to many children, so the exercises can be treated as a kind of fun for children. However, if you expect your child to take up drawing on their own, you may be sadly mistaken. We usually spend this time together. Otherwise, kids are not as motivated to try to repeat the dotted lines exactly. Praising your child for a beautiful pattern, or even for trying hard, is the basis of this game with your child.

So even if only a small part of the line drawn after the trace appears on the sheet, the child should be praised for this part. And if there is somewhere nearby:
– Look. It was very close here. Next time it will be even better. – Because once a child gets discouraged, it will be difficult to convince him or her to learn to write.

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