Little house in the snow – winter coloring pages for kids

In winter we dream of snow. It is not strange in our country to want to throw snowballs at each other, go sledding with children or build a snowman. For now, unfortunately, from time to time we only have the opportunity to admire frost on the way to kindergarten or frosty pictures on the windows late at night.

That’s why it’s worth introducing some winter magic to our home with winter coloring pages. Our latest coloring page shows a small house in a charming winter landscape, slightly covered in snow.

Coloring this picture can be a great opportunity to spend time together and develop children’s creativity. Children can add a bit of color to the walls of the house to warm up the atmosphere, and draw snowflakes falling from the sky.

Snow-covered house - winter coloring page glued with cotton wool

Snow-covered house – winter coloring page glued with cotton wool

Our house can also be treated as a glue craft. I suggest using some cotton wool as snow and school glue to add a fluffy white down effect. Children can additionally decorate the landscape with glitter so that the snow sparkles like real snow in the sun.

Print out the coloring page, grab your crayons, paints and glue, and have fun creating a winter landscape full of snow and joy. It’s a perfect way to spend long winter evenings in a warm and cozy interior!

Winter coloring pages for kids

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