Learning to write number 1 – large font

Today we are starting the adventure with learning to write numbers by hand. Of course, we get the first one. You can use this worksheet for kids with us to help children learn the look of the number 1 and learn how to write it.

Our children started to write numbers in their notebooks by themselves. Especially since they have so many uses: from time, through points in games, to savings in piggy banks. However, to make it easier for them to learn to write legibly, I have prepared simple printable worksheets for kids, on which they can freely trace the shape of the number 1.

Tracing numbers for kids

On the worksheet you will find two large fields showing the number 1. The first is a diagram of writing the number in handwriting, on which kids can follow the trace of the number with their finger. The second field shows a simplified graphic scheme for a number – one dot.

The rest of the worksheet are lines for learning to write numbers. Initially, it is tracing numbers, but in the final part you will also find a fragment in which numbers are missing. This is a place for children to write numbers on their own.

The large font makes it easier to master the handwriting, and does not discourage many repetitions. Therefore, it can be safely assumed that these will be suitable worksheets for a kindergartener or a preschooler. They will work both during school and home teaching.

Tracing numbers for kids

You can use these printable numbers when practicing with children, asking them to copy the numbers with a pen, but it is much more fun to use colored markers or crayons for this. If possible, you can laminate the worksheet. Thanks to this, you will be able to use them with children many times, using easy-to-wipe markers.

On our website you will find a whole series of worksheets whose main role is played by numbers for kids. From coloring books, through tracing, learning to write, and finally the practical use of numbers in mathematical tasks. Find your favorite printable numbers.

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