Horse Chestnuts – autumn coloring pages for children

Although outside the windows we can see the autumn weather passing more and more quickly, we still have autumn coloring pages on our table. The first in a series, actually. This year we didn’t manage to collect many horse chestnuts, so we decided that they would appear on coloring pages.

Today we present a coloring page with a chestnut leaf and its fruit, i.e. chestnuts. These characteristic, shiny brown fruits ripen in late summer and autumn, and remind us of numerous childhood games – creating figures and animals from chestnuts and acorns.

My daughter really liked the idea. She grabbed a test print and immediately turned it into a riot of colors. Even dinner had to wait on the table until the work was completed 😉 You can see the result below.

Fall coloring pages for children with a chestnut motif

Today’s fun with crayons and a new idea for a coloring page by my daughter

This coloring page is perfect for introducing children to autumn nature and the changing seasons. Children can use different shades of green, yellow, orange and brown to reflect the beauty of fall chestnut leaves. Horse chestnuts can be colored shiny brown and their spiny shells can be colored green-brown.

A coloring page with a horse chestnut leaf and its fruit is a great way to spend time together, develop creativity and manual skills. Additionally, it can be a great opportunity to talk about nature and autumn walks during which we collect nature treasures.

I can only invite you to have fun together and create beautiful autumn compositions. Let the chestnut tree appear on your tables, reminding you of the charm of autumn and the joy of creating.

Trees – Horse Chestnuts – coloring pages for kids

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