Heart – tracing lines for kids in pictures

Just before Valentine’s Day, I decided to use the heart symbol to create new tracing lines for kids. Some loops, some arcs, some circles, and of course a heart.

Actually, a theme not only for Valentine’s Day. You can also use our heart on other occasions or for no special reason. It can be a simple expression of feelings, or a card for a loved one. It’s up to you whether you treat this Valentine’s Day activity only as a graphomotor exercise for kids, or maybe a base for preparing a gift.

The pattern that is the basis for tracing lines is not complicated. I prepared it with younger children in mind. Here every child can try their hand. Even if drawing ends up in scribbling. It’s the symbol that counts.

Tracing lines for preschoolers

You can use colored pencils or felt-tip pens for tracing. By choosing dark colors, children will create contours for the coloring page. In this case, it will be easier to color the heart with crayons than to paint it. Due to some corners near loops.

After all the lines are drawn and the heart is colored, you can suggest that the children cut out a frame. In this way, a colorful Valentine’s card will be created, or just a joyful picture.

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