Heart in heart – coloring page for kids

Heart of hearts is a coloring page not only for Valentine’s Day. It is also a great proposition for kidswho want to show their love to their loved ones on other occasions, for example on Women’s Day or Mother’s Day. Although really, do we need an opportunity to show our feelings?

This is another page in a series of coloring pages with a heart motif. A large heart filled with several, smaller and smaller versions of it can be used as a regular coloring page or a template to be filled with various patterns. You can cover the hearts with scraps of colored paper, tissue paper, or various types of seeds and grains. 馃槈

Valentine’s day coloring page for print

Working with older children, you can use this heart coloring page as a cutout template. After folding the card along the axis of symmetry of the heart, you can cut it out with scissors. However, if you don’t want creases on the heart pieces, a sharp knife is a better choice. The cut out elements can be used to prepare a three-dimensional card or Valentine’s Day decoration.

Any creative application will be an interesting experience for the child, so we invite you to use our coloring book.

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