Halloween pumpkins – cutting template, coloring page

Halloween is another topic for us to do art activities, such as coloring, cutting or gluing. That’s why I prepared several pumpkin templates with cut-out faces that can be used as coloring pages and cutting templates at the same time. A great way to practice children’s manual skills. But like any craft, Halloween pumpkins are a great way to develop their imagination and creativity. There can be many ideas for using such coloring pages, from pendants to decorating cards and journals. In a separate entry you can see how we made such simple hanging Halloween decorations.

The first template has four smaller pumpkins on one side and the same faceless pumpkins on the other side. They can be colored and then cut out to create front-back decorations. The other two templates show the same pumpkins in a larger format, two per page, giving you more room for creative decorating.

Coloring and cutting together is also a great opportunity to spend time with family, enjoying fun and creativity. After all, such games can be an alternative to walking together, especially if the weather is not good. This is how we treat them. You can too.

Print these templates, grab some crayons, scissors and glue, and create amazing Halloween decorations together. May this time be full of joy, laughter and creative fun!

Halloween coloring pages and templates to print

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