Funny elephant – coloring page for kids

E like an elephant. This adorable creature must have found its way into our coloring pages, since it creates our animal alphabet. Not to mention how much he reminds us of Dumbo the elephant.

Coloring sheets are an important part of children’s development. They enrich the imagination, build the ability to create shapes, and provide the opportunity for graphomotor exercises. Very often, coloring pages are one of the first pictures in which children practice holding crayons correctly and not going beyond the lines.

Wild animals in coloring pages – elephants

The elephant is a symbol of happiness and success in life. Due to its strength and even character, which we cannot deny it, it is ubiquitous in contemporary culture. So he had to be here as well. It sounds nice!

We can only invite you to print an elephant and try your hand at this coloring page. You can suggest your child color the animal itself or add a background to it. Your own plants, or even grass on which an elephant would sit. You can use the already colored elephant coloring page to make children’s puzzles. Just glue the work to cardboard and cut it into smaller pieces with a sharp knife. Just warn your child in advance! Let there be no crying!

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