Four seasons tree – template for cutting out

The changing weather prompted us to deal with the issue of seasons. This time, a tree coloring page comes to the rescue. By coloring with crayons or markers, children can create an autumn tree, a winter tree, a spring tree or a summer tree, and each of them can be supplemented with symbols associated with a given season. In spring, flowers and young, often light green leaves appear on many trees. In summer, apple trees bear fruit and bees work hard in the fields. Green is more intense in its deep color. In autumn, birds leave their nests and the leaves turn yellow and brown. In winter… well, well. We would like it to be white.

Frames for cards and pictures as coloring pages

We can also treat the tree template in a different way by creating a three-dimensional tree. To achieve this effect, we cut out three or four colored tree templates, bend them according to the marked axis of symmetry and glue them together so that the tree stands. Soon I should post photos of at least one tree that is almost ready.

Generally, trees can symbolize one selected season. However, they can also be an image of changes occurring in nature during the annual cycle. By using four glued templates, we will reinforce the order of the seasons with younger children. Older children, however, may be tempted to add small accents, such as apples, tulips or mushrooms, presenting the symbols of particular seasons.

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