Easter eggs coloring pages

This time I have prepared a new version of the Easter egg coloring page for you. These are four identical Easter eggs with horizontal, parallel stripes. This is a simpler version of our earlier coloring page where the lines were curved. This makes this version perfect for younger children who are just starting their adventure with coloring.

You can use the coloring page as a traditional coloring sheet. Color the Easter eggs using crayons, markers or paints. Or glue the strips with various materials, for example colored tissue paper or seeds. Horizontal stripes give you plenty of opportunities to experiment with colors. Children can use different shades for each stripe, creating rainbow compositions or classic Easter patterns. Such a coloring page is a great way to develop imagination and manual skills.

Printable Easter coloring pages and templates

This coloring page can also be used as material for creating Easter cards or gift tags. Once you have colored the Easter eggs, you can cut them out and use them as decorations for greeting cards for family and friends. They can also become beautiful gift tags that will add a personal touch to any gift.

I have already published templates for such Easter gift labels or Easter cards, which had lines like for learning to write, i.e. with 3 lines. Here the lines are wider. As in notebooks for older children.

Let coloring these Easter eggs be an opportunity to spend nice moments with your family, have fun together and work creatively. Print the coloring page, grab some crayons and create cheerful, colorful Easter eggs together that will bring a festive mood to your home.

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