Drill and drill bits – picture tracing worksheets

Today I have something special for you – pencil control exercises with a drill, drills and bits! This is great fun for all boys and girls who are interested in DIY and home tool workshops.

This worksheet is a great introduction to learning to write. The children’s task is to trace the image of a drill and various drills and bits. This exercise will help them develop precise hand movements, eye-hand coordination and concentration – everything that is necessary for learning to write.

Children can imagine that they are little tinkerers, preparing their tools for work. Drawing a drill trace is not only an exercise in graphomotor skills, but also a great opportunity to talk about how important and useful various tools are in everyday life.

After you finish tracing lines, I encourage you to color the entire picture. Add your favorite colors and make the drill look really unique!

I hope this worksheet will bring you a lot of joy and satisfaction. Have fun tinkering and drawing!

Drill and drill bits to practice pencil control

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