Dinosaur – tracing lines and coloring

Couldn’t resist! Dinosaurs are a never ending story in many homes. Also in ours. They inspired me to prepare a very simple and fun version of the tracing lines worksheet with a funny dinosaur in the lead role.

This is another graphomotor exercise where kids trace lines with their finger or a pen. Younger children can practice their fine motor skills by moving a finger, or possibly a pointer, along the drawn lines. Preschoolers and older children can focus on drawing along the lines by choosing colored markers or crayons.

The second part of the task is to color the work. If children like playing with crayons, this is how they can color the prepared coloring page. However, you can go beyond your comfort zone and suggest painting with paints. Perhaps there will be more cleaning, but the effect may also be more interesting.

Tracing lines and coloring page with a dinosaur

If you decide to use paints, you can print the worksheet right away on a slightly thicker paper. When our children were less concerned with the final appearance of the work, we mainly used photocopying paper. Over time, however, this type of paper ceased to suit them when working with paints, so we switched to reams of technical paper, leaving lighter sheets for drawings.

I consulted the sound-imitating inscription with our children. They insisted that it should be 'ROAR’ and that’s it! Such times. Children absorb the English language quickly, and I will not argue here, since this exercise is intended to fall into their hands, making them happy.

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