Conifer – picture tracing worksheets

Trees can be a great topic for winter graphomotor exercises. Especially the coniferous ones, which are one of the few that can boast of a bit of green at this time of year. Thanks to such inspiration, this worksheet for kids with an unusual tracing pattern was created. You can use them as a model of an ordinary conifer or a Christmas tree.

Trees in nature rarely approach symmetry with their habit. That’s why today’s Christmas tree is a bit tattered. Some longer branches, some shorter. Depending on where the sun shone more, or where the wind blew stronger.

You have two versions of the tree tracing picture at your disposal. A tree drawn with a thick solid line will be easier to reproduce. The dotted tree is a bit more difficult. It is worth choosing the version that is more suited to the already acquired skills, as well as your aesthetics.

Tracing picture worksheet

How to use the picture tracing worksheets?

Firstly, as a pattern for children to draw with a trace, marker, crayon, or even with a finger.
Secondly, it can be used as a cutting template. The finished element can be used to prepare a decoration for a window or wall.
Thirdly, the conifer can be colored. In natural colors or decorate like a Christmas tree. You can use markers, crayons, paints, glitters or even colored pompoms.

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