Comparing fractions – graphic diagrams [3]

We are again dealing with comparing fractions using graphical schemes. This is the third worksheet in the series dealing with comparing fractions with the same denominator and different numerator.

This series uses various geometric shapes, divided into equal fields. For each fraction, the number of fields is equal to the denominator. By coloring in the right number of fields, it is easier for kids to see each fraction, and to compare them with each other, determining which is larger and which is smaller.

Comparing fractions

Comparing fractions on graphic diagrams, printable worksheets for kids
Graphic comparing fractions

There are two pages in each PDF file. On the first one I posted an exercise on comparing fractions to print. On the second page you will find the solution to the exercise, which you can also print out or show to your children on the screen.

Enjoy coloring and comparing fractions.

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