Comparing fractions – graphic diagrams [2]

This is the second in a series of worksheets on comparing fractions using diagrams. In this exercise, we only compare fractions with the same denominator. They differ only in the numerator, which means that we are dealing with an easier form of comparison. The fraction with the greater numerator will be greater. 23 of the cake is bigger than 13.

By using simple geometric shapes, divided into equal areas, we make it easier to visualize each fraction. This makes it easier for kids to understand the meaning of each number.

Children’s task is to color the appropriate part of the shapes and compare fractions using the mathematical symbols < and >.

Comparing fractions

Comparing fractions on graphic diagrams, printable worksheets for kids
Graphic comparing fractions

The PDF files contain both the fraction comparison printable exerciseand the answer to this exercise.

In addition to fraction comparison tasks, you will also find other types of exercises on our website. Both recognizing fractions, as well as a little more difficult, mathematical operations with fractions.

Enjoy coloring and comparing fractions.

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