Coloring page with circles – picture tracing worksheets

Recently, the inside cover of a book caught my eye. All polka dots. And it occurred to me that something like this would be nice to color. Truth? Something without a specific shape, without a plan, to calm the mind. Since adults can use stress-relieving coloring pages, I can suggest something similar for kids. This is how this unusual coloring page with circles was created, with tracing elements.

Depending on the kids’ skills, you can use crayons, markers or fineliners to outline the circles. You can choose one color tone, or a whole range of colors, creating a crazy work. You can fill the insides of the created dots and the background with color in many different ways: crayons, felt-tip pens, promarkers, and even watercolors.

Tracing lines with circles

You can also fill a picture using three-dimensional elements. It can be colored sand, plasticine, or various types of groats or seeds. A nice idea, requiring manual work of small hands, is to use small balls of crumpled paper. Of course, in different colors.

You can use the finished frame to prepare a card or a background for a smaller picture, something like passe partout, only under the picture.

If you chose a spatial fill, however, such a picture can be a full-fledged children’s artwork.

We invite you to draw by trace and joyful creation 馃槈

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