Color chart – large circles – coloring page for kids and adults

Today I am publishing something that I prepared for myself some time ago, but it may also be useful to you. Something that makes it easier to work with various types of art materials. This is a color chart for crayons and markers. It is a practical tool that you can print and use when working on your artistic projects.

This color chart will allow you to organize and identify all the colors you have in your collections. Each color has its place, so you can easily find exactly the shade you need. Whether you create detailed illustrations, design your own coloring pages, or work on larger projects – this stencil will be your helper. I used it to create my database of colored markers that I draw with from time to time.

Color charts for crayons, markers and paints

The color chart is perfect for both teenagers and adults who take their art seriously. It will make it easier for you to experiment with colors, mix shades and match color palettes to your works. Thanks to it, you can see exactly how individual colors look on paper, which will help you plan and implement your artistic visions.

Print the pattern on the paper you will be working with, test your crayons and markers, and then use it as a reference for each new project. It’s also a great way to organize your artistic tools – no more searching for the right shade!

I hope that this color chart will become an inseparable element of your creative space and will help you fully use the potential of your art materials. Enjoy the creative process and have fun with colors!

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