Cloud – cloudy weather – coloring pages for kids

Hi everyone! I present the first coloring page from our series dedicated to the weather – a cute cloud with a smiling face. This nice cloud may be just a cloud in a blue sky, but it may also be one of many clouds in cloudy weather.

Coloring this smiling cloud is a great way to spend time with children and develop their imagination. Your little ones can decide whether the cloud will be snow-white in the bright sky or maybe it will take on pastel colors, as if straight from a fairy tale land. Or maybe they will add a rainbow or the sun peeking out from behind the clouds?

This coloring page is also a great opportunity to talk about different types of weather and clouds. You and your children can make up stories about the adventures of this smiling cloud – where it goes, what landscapes it visits and what adventures it experiences.

Thanks to this coloring page, even the cloudiest day can become full of joy and colors. I encourage you to color, create and have fun together. Print the coloring page, grab your crayons and enjoy time together, filling the clouds with the colors of your imagination.

Weather coloring pages to print

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