Christmas decorations – printable templates

Recently, I prepared templates for cutting out Christmas decorations. Today I am happy to share them because maybe they will be useful to you too! This coloring page features four simple Christmas-themed templates: stars, a heart and a Christmas tree, all in a simple, geometric style.

These templates can be used in many ways. Print them and cut them out of cardboard, colored card stock or even felt. Ready-made elements can be used as beautiful Christmas tree pendants, adding charm to the Christmas tree. You can also use them as tags and labels to describe gifts, giving your packages a personal touch.

The simple, geometric style of the templates makes them easy to cut, and at the same time elegant and versatile. Children can color them, decorate them with glitter, stickers or paints, creating unique decorations that will be a great for the Christmas home.

The possibilities are endless, so any other ideas for using these templates are welcome. Whether as part of Christmas cards, window decorations, or elements of larger art projects – these simple patterns will be a perfect base for creative play.

Print the coloring page, grab your scissors, crayons and glue, and have fun creating beautiful Christmas decorations. It’s a perfect way to spend time with your family, full of joy, creativity and Christmas magic. I encourage you to have fun and I wish you lots of fun creating!

Christmas – printable templates and coloring pages

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