Butterfly wings template for coloring

Recently, it turned out that we needed butterfly wings to prepare Easter eggs. That’s why we’re sharing this unique coloring page with you! Such coloring wings can be used to decorate children’s drawings, paper dolls or figurines.

In the PDF file you will find four identical butterfly wing templates that you can color and cut out. These beautiful wings can be used in many different ways. In our Easter craft, we glued them to eggs, creating lovely butterfly Easter eggs from blown eggs. But this is just one of the ideas for using them!

We show how butterfly wings can be a fantastic addition to various art works. You can use them to decorate children’s drawings, create paper dolls or figurines. Just cut out a character from the coloring page and glue colorful wings. Bottles, spoons or clothespins can be used as a base. Coloring butterfly wings is a great opportunity to develop creativity and imagination.

Easter eggs made of blown eggs as colorful butterflies created by kids during art workshops

Easter egg butterfly with antennae made of strips of colorful bristol board

This coloring page allows children to experiment with different colors and patterns, creating unique and colorful butterflies. They can use crayons, markers, paints, as well as decorations such as glitter, stickers or ribbons to give the wings a unique look. You have two models of wings at your disposal. With drawn patterns, or blank, allowing you to draw your own patterns.

While coloring and cutting out butterfly wings, children can practice precision and manual skills. It is also a great opportunity to talk about nature, butterflies and their beautiful, diverse wing patterns.

Print the coloring page, grab some crayons, scissors and glue, and have fun creating colorful butterfly wings. It’s a great way to spend time with your family, full of joy, creativity and fun together. We encourage you to use these wings in various art projects and have fun!

Coloring pages with insects – butterfly wings as a printable template

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