Butterfly – bold and easy coloring page for kids

I have prepared another coloring page for you showing a smiling butterfly. A simple drawing, perfect for the youngest artists. Thanks to thick outlines that make coloring easier and make the whole fun even more enjoyable.

This is a coloring page from a series of really simple drawings. Few shapes and clean lines. Thanks to the bold contours, this butterfly can be easily colored with markers or paints. In this way, even the youngest children can develop their manual skills and creativity by choosing their favorite colors to fill the butterfly’s wings.

You can cut out the finished image to use to create a colorful banner or card. Or maybe decorate a thematic board depicting spring?

Butterfly coloring pages

However, such a coloring sheet with a butterfly can also be an excuse to spend time together. You can color the same butterflies or choose different designs. On our website you will find both simple patterns and more complex ones. It all depends on what you are looking for at the moment. A gallery of family works? What do you say?

While coloring butterflies, you can talk to your children about nature. About the beauty of butterflies and their life cycle. Or maybe even about why they disappear from our surroundings.

I cordially invite you to download this lovely coloring page. Let your imagination run wild and create beautiful, colorful butterflies. You will definitely find a use for your finished works.

Have fun coloring and have fun creating!

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