Addition to 20 – math crossword for kids [1]

Below you will find the first math crossword prepared for children who are learning to add to 20.

I used a simple arrangement of two-part math operations arranged horizontally, from left to right, or vertically, from top to bottom.

The exercise is available in two versions. The first is similar to those previously published on our website. It contains only enough numbers to solve the problem by completing the entire crossword puzzle. The second one is a bit easier. It includes some extra numbers to help you get started on the different parts of the crossword puzzle. If the children had encountered any difficulties before. These numbers also make it easier to find the error.

The first version of the math crossword puzzle for adding up to 20 contains 49 mathematical operations to be completed. The easier version has an additional 4 numbers, which gives 45 fields for kids to complete.

You can use the student-only worksheet or the version with the answers on the other side.

Math crossword in two versions – adding to 20

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