Addition to 10 – math crossword for kids [2]

I have prepared another mathematical game for children who would like to practice adding up to 10 in an interesting way. This is a mathematical crossword that you can print out for children to play with.

The crossword you have here belongs to a simpler series in which I use only operations consisting of two components and, of course, the result, i.e. the sum of addition. I arranged the actions from left to right or top to bottom.

In total, it contains twenty math operations. Some are only possible to solve after previous operations have been taken. Step-by-step action is therefore needed.

Below I have included for you two versions of the pdf file with this math crossword puzzle. The first file is the student version, without the solution. You can use it, for example, during remote learning. The second file contains both the problem and the answer, which is more useful for parents and teachers.

Math crossword with answers – addition to 10

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